Join me Sunday 11/04/2007 for "White Education 101" Part 2

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Jews in Congress - Let's explore how OVER represented Jews are in congress.

The White House Cabinet - If you think the numbers in congress are bad wait until you hear about Bush's cabinet!

Presidential Advisers for both Clinton and Bush - Guess what? MORE JEWS!!!

The Talmud - Learn all about this evil anti-White book of hate that the Jew reveres so much.

Racist Hoaxes Against Whites, NON WHITES BUSTED! - We will take
a look into how Jews, Blacks, and other non-Whites are blaming us for
their bad behavior by painting reversed swastikas and other such failed

Music Starts at 8:00pm EST, White Education Starts at 9pm EST

Feel free to call in and speak your mind!

Skype ID: vnnfreetalklive

Phone: 660 675 4388

For those with plain old telephones we have a conventional phone number: 660 675 4388, though we prefer skype calls. Regardless, please send a chat message with skype before calling.

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