Jews call White non acceptance of pedophile murder "Racism" and "Hatred"

Lets take a look at what is going on. An 8 year old girl is brutally raped and killed by a pedophile and as any stand up white person would agree, the penalty for such crimes should be execution for the one who commits such a crime, but instead of agreeing with the obvious the Jew says such feelings of disgust are nothing more than "racism", and "hatred"?

So Lawmakers and Jewish groups in Germany think that perverts who rape small children should not be killed?



Read this article and try not to smash you computer monitor in anger!


Jewish groups slam National Democratic Party branch in Saxony for
racist, cynical use of murder in an attempt to boost image


09.04.08, 07:20 / Israel Jewish Scene

and Jewish groups have condemned neo-Nazis in the German state of
Saxony for exploiting the murder of a young girl to boost their
popularity by holding vigils and demanding the death penalty for

The murder of an 8-year-old girl, whose body was found by a pond
four days after she went missing from Leipzig, has shocked many Germans
and the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) has seized on public

It is part of a strategy to address populist issues, such as child abuse and immigration, to widen their appeal, say experts.

Described by Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution
as racist, anti-Semitic, revisionist and inspired by Hitler's Nazis,
the NPD has seats in two state assemblies, and made strong gains in
council elections in Saxony in June.

This week about 160 right-wing activists marched through the eastern
city of Leipzig to commemorate the murdered girl, said police, who are
still investigating the crime.

Wearing dark clothes, baseball hats and dark glasses, the
demonstrators carried banners with slogans such as "Death penalty for
child abusers," and "No future without us, National Socialism Now!"
alongside pictures of young children.


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Jews in Congress - Let's explore how OVER represented Jews are in congress.

The White House Cabinet - If you think the numbers in congress are bad wait until you hear about Bush's cabinet!

Presidential Advisers for both Clinton and Bush - Guess what? MORE JEWS!!!

The Talmud - Learn all about this evil anti-White book of hate that the Jew reveres so much.

Racist Hoaxes Against Whites, NON WHITES BUSTED! - We will take
a look into how Jews, Blacks, and other non-Whites are blaming us for
their bad behavior by painting reversed swastikas and other such failed

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Nobel Prize Winning DNA Pioneer Says: DNA shows that Africans are less intelligent than Westerners

It's nothing most of us didn't already know BUT....it sure is nice to see one of the leading figures in the discovery of DNA say it like it is. When men like this speak up, everyone is forced to listen. The Jews Can't simply brush him off as a toothless hillbilly that hates minorities for no reason.

Full Story HERE

Celebrated scientist attacked for race comments: "All our social
policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as
ours - whereas all the testing says not really"

One of the world's most eminent scientists was embroiled in an
extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were
less intelligent than white people and the idea that "equal powers of
reason" were shared across racial groups was a delusion.

James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unraveling of DNA
who now runs one of America's leading scientific research institutions, drew
widespread condemnation for comments he made ahead of his arrival in Britain
today for a speaking tour at venues including the Science Museum in London.

The 79-year-old geneticist reopened the explosive debate about race and
science in a newspaper interview in which he said Western policies towards
African countries were wrongly based on an assumption that black people were
as clever as their white counterparts when "testing" suggested the
contrary. He claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human
intelligence could be found within a decade.


Armenian Genocide: Turkey blackmails Israel Says The Jews

Within hours after The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) recognition of the Armenian Genocide,
the Turkish government went on the offensive and demanded the Israeli
government to “deliver”American Jewish organizations and to ensure that
the U.S. Congress does not pass a resolution characterizing as genocide
the massacre of Armenians during World War I, the Armenian National
Committee of Canada reports.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Turkey’s ambassador to Israel Namik
Tan said: “Israel should not let the [U.S.] Jewish community change its
position. This is our expectation and this is highly important, highly
important. On some issues there is no such thing as ‘Israel cannot
deliver.’” Tan said that ADL’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide was
one of those issues.

Prof. Jack Nusan Porter, treasurer of the International Association of
Genocide Scholars (IAGS) and author of “The Genocidal Mind” and “Facing
History and Holocaust” called Turkey’s pressure on Israel “blackmail.”

Aris Babikian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of
Canada (ANCC) said: “We hope that the Israeli government, as a
sovereign state, and Jewish organizations will not yield to the Turkish
Government blackmail and the use of the Jewish community of Turkey as
political hostage. Such immoral behavior by a government which is
renowned for the oppression of its minorities (Armenians, Greeks, Jews,
Assyrians, Kurds) and their basic human and civil rights should not be
tolerated by the civilized world.”

“A fascist and anti-Semitic state which allowed “Mein Kampf” and “The
Protocols of Elders of Zion” to become best-sellers in Turkey and
brought the wealth tax on Jews and other minorities, should not enjoy
the support and alliance of Israel and the Jewish people,” added

The ANCC director expressed the Canadian-Armenian community’s and the
ANCC’s gratitude to Jewish organizations and individuals who have
“shown moral and ethical courage by standing up for truth and justice.”

Babikian said that he was certain “Armenians and Jews, who have
suffered so much, would not allow the Turkish government’s or any
individuals misguided and shortsighted decisions to derail us form our
joint calling to fight Armenian Genocide or Holocaust denial.”

The current upheaval came to light after the town council of Watertown
voted unanimously to cut its ties with the Anti-Defamation League and
its program “No Place for Hate” for the ADL’s lobbying efforts on
behalf of the Turkish government to block the passage of the United
States House of Representatives and Senate resolutions to recognize the
Armenian Genocide.

Foxman has justified his organization’s position in a statement saying:
"As long as ADL is an organization committed first to the safety and
security of the Jewish people, we cannot in good conscience ignore the
well-being of 20,000 Jews in Turkey."

The controversy turned into an international crisis and caused turmoil
in human rights organizations and in Jewish communities. Twelve
Boston-area Jewish organizations issued a joint statement appealing to
Jews to “never forget the Armenian Genocide and maintain our guard
against those who deny its occurrence.”

Seeing that his position is untenable on August 24 Foxman issued a
carefully crafted statement modifying the ADL position. “On reflection,
we have come to share the assessment of former Ambassador Henry
Morgenthau, Sr., that the consequences of the painful events of
1915-1918 were indeed tantamount to genocide,” the statement read.

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Ahhh.....To be a political Jew....

Be born Jewish......Get handed powerful job.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who had faced scrutiny and criticism
over the firing of a group of U.S. attorneys, has resigned from his

Gonzales was sworn in as the nation's 80th attorney general on Feb. 3,
2005. He had vowed to stay in his position, and President Bush has been
unwavering in his support for Gonzales, who has repeatedly denied that
the firings were politically motivated.

CNN's Web site reported that President Bush is likely to nominate
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to serve as the next
attorney general.

An official announcement is expected later Monday morning.

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Jewish Real Estate Developers Accused Of $27 Million Fraud

The fact that this even hit the news is amazing.....This is what you get when you trust Jews with your money.

NEW YORK—Two individuals, purporting to be
working through a Manhattan real estate development company, have been
arrested in connection with an elaborate scheme to defraud
approximately 70 individuals of over $27 million.

Michael Hershkowitz, 51, of Manhattan and Atlantic
Beach and Ivy Woolf-Turk, 51, of Port Washington, are charged in a
conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud.

Working through The Kingsland Group Inc. and  related
entities, the duo allegedly  fraudulently induced approximately 70
individuals  to loan them, in the aggregate, over $27 million,
purportedly to fund the renovation of approximately 16 multi-family
apartment buildings located in upper Manhattan, according to federal
prosecutors.  As part of the fraud, Hershkowitz and Woolf-Turk
allegedly falsely represented that the investor victims would hold, as
collateral for the loans, interests in bona fide first mortgages in the
various properties in which they thought they were investing. In fact,
the investor victims did not hold recorded, first mortgages in the


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The NEW Free Talk Live Coast to Coast

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Our Newest Misfortune - New Jew to replace the old Jew of the World Bank

Robert Bruce Zoellick has been hand picked by George W. Bush himself to replace his now ruined zionist buddy Paul Wolfowitz as the new Leader of the economy destroying World Bank. Lets have a peek at what Robert Zoellick has been doing with his life until now:


Robert Bruce Zoellick (born July 25, 1953) was a United States Deputy Secretary of State, resigning on July 7, 2006. Before holding this position, he served as U.S. Trade Representative, from February 7, 2001 until February 22, 2005.

He announced his resignation on June 19, 2006 to join the investment bank Goldman Sachs as a managing director and chairman of the company's International Advisors department.

Smells Gevilta Fishy to me.....Lets read on.

Zoellick was raised in Naperville, Illinois and has Jewish ancestors from Germany.

BINGO, you all know what that means.....HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS....OY VEY!

Government service (1985–1992)

Zoellick served in various positions at the Department of the Treasury from 1985 to 1988, including Counselor to Secretary James Baker, Executive Secretary of the Department, and
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Policy

During George H. W. Bush's presidency, Zoellick served with Secretary of State James Baker as Under Secretary of State for Economic and Agricultural Affairs, as well as Counselor to the Department (Under Secretary rank). In August 1992, Ambassador Zoellick was appointed White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President.[4] Zoellick was also appointed the President's personal representative for the G7 Economic Summits in 1991 and 1992.

Click HERE to read on about the guy we may as well call the NEW Paul Wolfowitz.

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The Unknown Jewsh Agenda - Mineral Wealth of The Dead Sea

"The value of the minerals of the Dead Sea is estimated at five trillion dollars. This estimate appears to be optimistic but it is supported in part by the report of the Crown Agents of the British Colonies entitled "Production of Minerals From the Waters of the Dead Sea" (page 2). It is alleged that all copies of this booklet containing this report have been destroyed except those in the British Museum, Colonial office, and House of Commons. This official report estimates the minerals, except oil, in 1925 as follows: Magnesium Chloride, 22,000 tons, value 600 billion dollars; Potassium Chloride, 20,000 tons, value 75 billion dollars; other minerals valued at 1,200 billion dollars; or a total of about three trillion dollars, exclusive of oil (The Palestine Mystery, pages 12 and 13)."

Three trillion dollars in 1925 is a staggering number. Imagine what the value would be today. The largest accessible concentration of these minerals are located in Palestine. Considering Jews and their insatiable appetite for wealth and power it should be no surprise that they are on a mission to take control of the Mid-East.

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Rabbi Pedophiles Exposed!

The Jewish controlled media LOVES exposing whites as pedophiles yet they never mention that Jews rank among the highest in child rape. Send this video to everyone that you know and help to protect the children.